Hey hey, Amanda Collette here! Your specialized women’s portrait photographer, and owner of Pure Poise. I am a 35 year old mother of 2 little mini-me’s ages 7 and 9, and wife to my high school sweetheart. We’ve been dating for 21 years this year, so crazy!

I am a total introvert trapped in an adventurer’s body. I love to travel and lead a busy life, but most days you will find me content in our country home, in yoga pants with a protein shake in hand. When I am living my best life or in the studio, I am outgoing, obnoxious and radiating joy…and then I crash hard from the over stimulation. It’s hard having a double personality!

I am a huge animal lover and you’ll see many on the hobby farm at my residential studio! In my spare time, my daughter and I love to spend time with our horses riding all over our property. I’m mom to 3 dogs, 1 kitty, 3 horses, 1 pony, 3 goats, and an elderly miniature donkey. I also volunteer time and serve my local Animal Resource Fund to aid other’s family pets.

I have moments of insecurity about my own body just like anyone, and that’s completely normal. I know the struggle of being a woman, and I’ll never judge. Even more, we deserve to see ourselves as someone worthy of a magazine cover, because the people that are on them are just like you, with a specialist photographer!

We will be a good fit to work together if: 

– You want a TAILORED EXPERIENCE that is different from the standard 1 hour together portrait session, and
you may even be down for making a whole day out of it! 

  • You love the idea of lots of variety to your gallery
  • You want to have fun and are open minded for creation
  • You want to be pampered before hand with hair and makeup serviced on site 
  • You want something epic and different than the norm! Fantasy, fashion or glamour inspired portraits that is worthy of a magazine 
  • You love unique and edgy posing, since you’re being directed completely
  • You want to feel like a model before, during and after! 

Much love and excitement that you’re here!

-Amanda Collette

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